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Helpful Websites for the Classroom:

Below are websites which you may find useful for lesson planning and extending learning beyond the classroom. You can scroll down the list, or click the links to jump to a particular section that might be of interest to you.

General Resources which are not specific to certain grades/subject areas

Language Arts - Reading Resources

Language Arts - Writing Resources

Math Resources

Science Resources

Social Study Resources

ESL Resources

Internet Safety Resources



General Resources

A VoiceThread is a tool for having dynamic conversations around media. Upload a collection of media, comment on it, and share it with others so they can participate in the conversation at anytime, anywhere.  These comments can be text, audio, or video. Monthly or Yearly Subscription Fee

Padlet provides you an unlimited blank canvas to put anything you like. One example on the site was a word of the day that the students could post a sentence using that word. You could post feedback. Free

Online mind-mapping tool. Free

Create an avatar, record a message, and send it out to your students. Could be a famous figure delivering their take on an issue, a "fun" way to remind students about homework, or whatever your imagination comes up with. There is a Free version and also a Monthly or Yearly Subscription Fee option.

Verizon has set-up a portal for resources and ideas to create engaging lessons for just about every subject. Free

Help students study. This site predominately uses flash cards, but includes other options as well. Basic use is Free, but you can pay a Yearly Subscription Fee for more options.

Bit Strips for Schools allows you to teach concepts through comics. Monthly or Yearly Subscription Fee

Make Beliefs Comix allows you to create your own comics. Free

With comic life you can turn your pictures into comics. Available for Mac, PC, and iOS. Purchase

Web-based application which allows you to add word balloons to your pictures. Donations Welcome

Create cartoons on your iPad, iPhone, or iTouch. Freemium

Web based voice recorder. Very easy to use, click the button to record, then either email it or get a link to embed it into your website. Another possibility: click on the "widgets" link at the bottom for code to embed on your website, then have students go record answers to your questions. Free

AnswerGarden is an easy to use feedback tool. You simply put up a question, provide the link to the students and they answer it. This can also be embedded on a website. Free

Three steps to create a quiz that you can embed on your website or blog. It also includes a grading tool for instant feedback. Free

Over 4,500 videos on a variety of subjects. There are tools specifically to help teachers use the Khan Academy in the classroom. Free

Google provides lesson plans to increase student's skills for searching online. Levels include beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Free

21 Classes allows you to create a virtual classroom through blogs. Teacher blog is Free, while a classroom set-up is available through a Yearly Subscription Fee

An example of how one teacher uses 21 classes:

Mr. Tromp set-up a wiki to keep parents informed as to what was going on in the class, as well as a place they could come for resources (spelling lists, songs, etc.)

Online Tutorial for using Wikispaces

Wiki Walk-Through guides you through how to use wikis in Education.

This is an example of a project which uses a lot of different internet resources and tools to complete.

Blogpost by Shally Terrell which discusses using wikis and games to extend learning beyond the classroom. is a blog which gives a plethora of ideas for using technology in the classroom

Common Sense Media supplies reviews and suggestions for education related apps, movies, and websites

Open Education Resources (OER) Commons provides outlines of lesson plans. You can refine searches by grade level, subject area, materials, etc.

TeachersFirst is a collection of resources and lesson plans, for teachers by teachers.

Stay up-to-date with what is going on with technology news which involves education.

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Language Arts - Reading Resources

A member of the Screen Actors Guild Foundation will read a book to your students. Also includes activities and lesson ideas. Free

Language Arts resources and professional development opportunities. Free

Wordle creates "word clouds" from a given text. You can edit the final product by changing the font, layout, color scheme, etc. Free

Wordsift is another tool for visualizing texts and highlighting words that are used most often. This site was designed especially for ELL students. Free

Online summarizing tool. You can either enter a web address or cut and paste text directly. The tool then summarizes the text. Free

Rax Kids provides online interactive books. Free samples and the rest are available through a Yearly Subscription Fee

This page discusses the differences between face-to-face book discussions, message board book discussions, traditional book reviews, and using a wiki for a book review.

Using wallwisher, this Kindergarten class wrote questions they would like to ask the author of Goodnight Gorilla

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Language Arts - Writing Resources

Webspiration is an online writing resource for grades 5-12. Monthly or Yearly Subscription Fee

Language Arts resources and professional development opportunities. Free

This is a lesson plan for using alphabet books with struggling writers in upper grades.

Printable picture prompts for writing. Free

StoryKit is an iOS app for iPad, iPhone, or iTouch, created by the International Children's Digital Library, which allows you to create a storybook, complete with illustrations (either one you create within the app or a picture from your files) and audio options. Highly rated for all ages. Free

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Math Resources

1st graders wanted to know what 1,000 looked like, so they created this wiki with 1,000 names.

Students are learning about graphing and they created this wiki to gather information.

Math Maps is a project where people from around the world create math problems using google maps.

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Science Resources

Switch Zoo provides games, lesson plans, and other resources for learning about animals and habitats. Includes web-based games and apps. Free

Windows to the Universe is a site by the National Earth Science Teachers Association with English and Spanish versions. The site includes games, videos, teacher resources, and so much more! Free with an option to become a member which provides with you with discounts and more resources for a Yearly Subscription Fee

As a culminating experience, students were required to create a wiki page which persuaded people to join NASA. This is one of those examples:

1st and 2nd graders are learning about dinosaurs. This wiki is a summary of all that they have learned.

An example of wiki which contains videos about different mammals.

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Social Studies Resources

Library of Congress site for exploring each state of America

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ESL Resources

BrainPOP ESL focuses on reading, writing, vocabulary building, grammar, and pronunciation. Some games are offered for Free, others require a Subscription Fee

ESL Reader provides reading help for ESL students. You copy and paste text into a box, and students will be able to check the definition, translation, and usage of each word. Free

ESL Kid Stuff provides a variety of resources and tips. Free Samples and a Yearly Subscription Fee for the rest.

Simple Wikipedia simplifies the text of articles through using fewer words and easier grammar. Great for younger students and ESL students. Free

Find ESL lesson plans, tips, and resources at

Judy Haynes is an author and created the everythingesl website. She also hosts #ELLCHAT on twitter. You can find her on twitter at *Twitter account required

An example of how the use of technology was used to help an ELL student more comfortable in a classroom setting.

An ESL class studying polar bears created a voice thread to show what they had learned.

Larry Ferlazzo has set up a blog which recommends useful sites for teachers ELL, ESL, & EFL.

Blogpost to give you tips about holding parent conferences with ESL students.

Blogpost of websites for ELL students in grades K-5

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Internet Saftey Resources

The Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education at the Stevens Institute of Technology has to put together suggestions and resources which discuss the use of the internet and education.

Newmours has provided internet safety tips for parents and kids.

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Edmodo was created in the style of Facebook so as to be appealing and familiar to students. It allows teachers to connect and collaborate with students through providing a platform for providing resources and assessment data

Schoology is an alternative to Edmodo, providing many similar features.

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Thank you, Kathryn Ware: PS2 Librarian & Marilyn Pongracz: Technology Facilitator of NJTESOL for the Links.

Suggestions for links to be added to this list can be sent to the webmaster.

Thank you for your suggestions!