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School 2

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    Website Notes



    School Two is only open on Mondays and Wednesdays by appointment only.

    Staff is available to assist you through email on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.


    To setup an appointment to visit School 2 on Wednesdays, you can call the following numbers:

    Ms. Van Liew: (973) 418-4684

    Ms. Tamara (Habla español): (814) 715-9367

    Ms. Pam: (973) 563-9228





    Ms. F. Van Liew


    Vice Principal

    Dr. V. Serrano


    News and Events

    Important Dates

    Virtual Bulletin Board

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    Mission, Vision, and Core Beliefs

    Class of 2020
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    PS2 Lodestar


    Virtual Education

    A day in the Life of a Virtual Student

    Sending Your Child to Virtual School

    Start the Day/Class Right!

    » Sign into the Chromebook ~8:30a.

    » Choose "Classroom" from the app menu by clicking on the nine dots (waffle) next to your icon in the upper right corner of the browser window.

    » Click on your homeroom class and complete the SEL attendance task.

    » At 8:45 click on the Homeroom Meet link and check in with your homeroom teacher for the day's announcements.

    » If your teacher is not there yet you will get an error message that says "You can't create a meeting yourself." Wait a minute or two and refresh the page. If 5-10 minutes have gone by and the teacher has not shown up (you still get that error), then go back to the Classroom and start working on the assignments.

    » Follow a similar approach for the rest of your classes.



    If you are experiencing issues with the district issued Chromebook, send an email to and describe the issue. Also, contact your child(ren)'s teacher to explain why your child(ren) are unable to attend the day's Meet.

    You can also get assistance with your Chromebook and using Google Classroom by calling the District Google Hotline at (973) 321-0914 or email

    Chromebook Not Connecting to WiFi

    You need to be connected to the internet before the computer can authenticate your PPSStudent G-Suite password. If you get a "username/password incorrect" message, first check that the computer WiFi has successfully connected to "optimumwifi" or your home network. You need to choose the "optimumwifi" SSID. Some people are trying to use "optimumwifi-emergency", but that does not give you enough bandwidth to participate in our Google Meets. If things are set up as they should be, once you click on "optimumwifi" the computer should automatically connect to the internet. If you get a message to enter a username and password for optimum, then email so we can make sure the computer is configured with Optimum correctly.


    Take Advantage of Our Full Service Community School (FSCS)

    Benefits for our Students:

    Visits with a pediatrician or dentist, as well as hearing and vision assessments without leaving school!

    Benefits for the Whole Family:
    • Behavioral Health Services
    • Social Work Support
    • Nutrition Eduction
    • Parent/Guardian Workshops
    • And More!


    Infinte Campus Guidance

    Infinite Campus Logo

    The point person for Infinite Campus Parent Portal access codes at School 2 is the technology teacher, Mr. T. Jones.

    Please make sure you are using the correct login screen. On the right side you should see "Campus Parent" or "Campus Student." If you see "District Edition," that one is for the teachers. Parent credentials only work for Campus Parent. Student credentials only work for Campus Student. If you know your information is correct but the system says it's wrong, then it's usually because you're on the wrong login screen.

    Infinite Campus for Parents

    Parents need to be listed as a guardian in Infinite Campus for the parent to receive a code. If you are only listed as the mother or father, but not as a guardian, the system will not generate a code for you. The code is used to create your own unique username and password and is only used one time for that process.

    You only need one account to view the progress for all of your children in Paterson Public Schools (K-12), even if they attend different Paterson Public Schools.

    If you are a parent listed as a guardian and need an access code to create your account or if you have an account and forgot your username and/or need your password reset, reach out to Mr. T. Jones at (email now). For faster verification of your identity, please use the email you have provided that is listed in Infinite Campus. Otherwise, you may need to provide proof of identity.

    Access Infinite Campus on the web:

    or through your mobile device using the following information:

    District: PATERSON

    State: NJ

    Infinite Campus for Students

    Students do not need an access code because their accounts were generated by the system. 

    If you are a student who needs the login information or your password reset, reach out to Mr. T. Jones at (email now).

    Access Infinite Campus on the web:

    or through your mobile device using the following information:

    District: PATERSON

    State: NJ


    PS2 Culture and Climate


    Affirmative Action

    Dr. V. Serrano

    (973) 321-0020


    District HIB Coordinator

    Ms. N. Payne

    (973) 321-0324

    District ABR: 70/78


    School 2 HIB Specialist

    Mr. C. Dombroski

    (973) 321-0020

    School 2 ABR: 71/78

    Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying (HIB)