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Directory of Classes


*SLD classes are listed with the general ed classes.


Primary Classes Elementary Classes Middle School Classes Autism Program Classes





K.1 DiPrima


K.2 DeAngelo


K.3 Bilingual   Rodriguez


K.4 Alvino




First Grade

1.1 Wimberly


1.2 Goteh


1.3 Bilingual   Menchon






Second Grade


2.1   Precel


2.2 Crawford


2.3 Bilingual Casais


SLD Caraccio



Third Grade


3.1   Williams


3.2   Workman


3.3 Bilingual   Zegarra


SLD Kline




Fourth Grade


4.1   DiPrima


4.2   Ferrer


4.3 Bilingual   Lopez


SLD Banks




Fifth Grade


5.1   Horta


5.2   Cannata


SLD Rosas



Sixth Grade


6.1   Acosta


6.2   Douglass








Seventh Grade


7.1   Lachapel


7.2   Andretta








Eighth Grade


8.1   Mauriber


8.2   Jones





Elementary Classes


Ms. Acevedo's Class


Mrs. Molnar's Class


Mrs. Rodriguez's Class


Ms. Bezerra's Class


Ms. Cooper's Class




Middle School Classes


Mr. Palamone's Class


Mr. Hadyka's Class


Ms. Toscano's Class